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VE3 tool
The VET Exit 3 Tool

On 15 July 2016, the VET Exit 3 Tool v. 1.1 was approved by the Department of Education and Training to assess whether a candidate’s reading and numeracy skills are at ACSF exit level 3, for VET FEE HELP purposes.

The VET Exit 3 Tool v. 1.1 is a paper-based assessment tool, designed for face to face delivery to individuals or small groups. The assessment tasks are all general interest type topics – they cover food, newspapers, fuel usage, shopping tasks – nothing that is industry specific, and they cover different focus areas of numeracy and reading (as required by the rules for approval for VET FEE HELP use).

The tool includes:

  • two different assessment options (Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 to cover resits, if they are required)
  • an Assessor guide that explains how to use the tool
  • answers to each question
  • marking sheets to score the answers, and the total number of marks to determine whether a candidate is at Exit Level 3
  • comprehensive mapping to the ACSF.

The license fee for the VET Exit 3 Tool is $3,800 (excluding GST) – this is a one-off fee that does not need to be renewed. Should you wish to go ahead and purchase the tool, you will be asked to sign a license agreement to say that it will be only used within your RTO, following the instructions outlined in the Assessor guide.

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