Our Services
We provide expert advice on training and assessment content and support vocational trainers and assessors.

Our Services

  • Consultation and facilitation services to engage employees and explore options for the future
  • Development of learning and assessment resources to meet diverse needs
  • Delivery of professional development workshops in a range of areas including how to address the LLN needs of clients
  • Delivery of workshops to engage with and use the Australian Core Skills Framework
  • Produce Quality Assurance Reports, Editorial Reports and Equity Reports in line with the 2012 Standards for Training Packages

Wherever possible, we provide a collaborative approach to our work. We will work with you to understand how to add most value to your organisation and build the skills and capabilities of your workforce to meet current needs and standards. We listen, we reflect on what we’ve heard back to you and move forward according to your priorities. We are very experienced in delivering first class consulting services to a range of organisations. We deliver what we promise, on time, on budget and to the quality your organisation requires.

Our Value Proposition

We offer you access to our broad experience and in-depth knowledge of more than 25 years in delivering services to the vocational education and training sector. We can work with you to:

  • build your workforce capabilities;
  • develop or improve training and assessment materials to meet industry needs;
  • validate the LLN aspects of your training and assessment materials; and
  • assist in building the skills and knowledge of your trainers and assessors (particularly in relation to LLN or foundation skills, and the Australian Core Skills Framework).

Who we work for

We have worked with many private and public organisations, including the following.

  • VET Development Centre
  • Department of Health and Human Services (Victoria)
  • Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council
  • ForestWorks Industry Skills Council
  • Australian Council of Educational Research
  • SkillsDMC Industry Skills Council
  • Innovation and Business Services Australia
  • ACT Education and Training
  • Skills Tasmania
  • Technology Institute of Victoria
  • AgriFood Skills Australia
  • Kimberley Training Institute

Who we work beside

From time to time we also work collaboratively with other consultancy organisations, including:

  • Precision Consultancy
  • Escalier McLean

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